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Lasertech Design PLC

 Ethiopia's Leading metal manufacturer, offers innovative laser-cut solutions from architectural facades to customer artworks and metal products, tailored to exceed customer expectations across divers sectors. Our comprehensive services range from architectural elements and design products to electromechanical, emphasizing quality, safety, and customer satisfaction in every endeavor, Experience unparalleled craftsmanship, safety compliance, and transformative solutions for your unique needs with Lasertech Design PLC. Our dedication extends to delivering swift turnaround times, ensuring exceptional quality, and offering a comprehensive suite of industry-specific engineering solutions. By bridging the command for reliable electromechanical contractors, we strive to elevate industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

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LASERTECH DESIGN - Metal Processing Services

Dereje Asnake, CEO

Founder and CEO, Dereje is the driving force behind the company. He oversees the development of our metal processing technology, marketing strategies, and customer experience.

Solomon Tibebu, COO

Expert craftsmanship

Iris Joe, CFO

"Iris, with her international experience, brings a unique perspective to our financial strategy. Her expertise has been invaluable in driving our success and taking our company to the next level."

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Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch metal processing services. We work with a variety of metals and offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs.